Rice in Stone Pot assorted mixtures-Dolsot Bibim bap

Rice in Stone Pot with assorted mixtures(Dolsot Bibim bap)-Korean Recipe

Basic Ingredients (for one person)
zucchini slices 30g, wild aster 30g, roots of a Chinese bellflower 30g, bean sprouts 30g, English spinach 30g, bracken 30g, greenpea jelly 1 block, minced raw beef 30g, egg yolk 1, gingko nut 2, walnut 1, chestnut 1, seaweed 1/4 a piece, 1 lettuce leaf, oil, soy sauce, ground green onion, garlic, sesame salt, pepper, sesame oil, sugar, chili paste


Boil the dried zucchini slices and then wash them. Then add some ground green onions, garlic, salt, sesame salt and panbroil them. Finally add some sesame oil and mix.
Sort the wild aster. Season with green onion, garlic, sesame salt and some soy sauce. Panbroil in enough oil. Add sesame oil later.
Trim the English spinach. Boiling slightly and saute. Season with ground green onion, sesame salt, salt, soy sauce and some sesame oil.
Rip the roots of broad bellflower into thin strips. After boiling, panbroil with ground green onion, sesame salt, salt and some sesame oil.
Sort the bracken and cut into reasonable size. Panbroil with ground green onion, garlic, soy sauce, sesame salt, pepper and sesame oil. Add a little bit of water and cook until tender.
Cut the green pea jelly block into thin slices. Season with salt and sesame oil.
Choose tender steak meat. Slice thin strips. Season with soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil.
Slightly toast the seaweed and cut into thin strips. Peel the chestnut and cut into same thin strips.
Put rice into the stone pot. Arrange the prepared ingredients on top nicely. Together with some chili paste and some beef stock, and heat it until very hot. Then mix together and enjoy.


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