Tasty Toast-Egg Sandwich-Recipe

Tasty Toast-Egg Sandwich
2 slices bread2 teaspoons relish sandwich spread or mayonnaise1 eggsalt and pepper1 leaf lettuce

  • Toast the bread slices till slightly brown (make sure they dont become hard) Coat the bread slices with mayonnaise.

  • Fry the egg adding salt and pepper.

  • Calories watchers can boil the egg instead of frying.

  • Place the egg and lettuce between the two slices and enjoy!
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    Honey Gorgonzolla Toast Recipe-Sandwich Recipe

    Honey Gorgonzolla Toast Recipe
    Ingredients :

    White Bread 2 Slices
    Gorgonzolla 1 Slice.
    Honey 1 Tsp.

    Method :
    Spread honey on one bread slice.Place cheese slice on top & cut to triangles/squares.Toast under grill few minutes before everybody enjoys....


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