Items Required:

Meat : 1kg
Oil : 50gms
Butter : 4 spoons
Karibevu : 8 petals
Lemon : 1
Wheat : 50gms
Togari dhal : 50gms
Bengal gram : 50gms
Turmeric powder : 1 spoon
Onion : ½ kg
Coriander : 25gms
Masala powder : 4
Chili powder : 2 spoons
Beaten bengalgram : 50gms
Green dhal: 50gms
Uddina pea: 50gms
Green pea : 50gms
Salt for taste

Method of Preparation :

Cut mutton into small pieces duly after washing. Soak peas, beaten Bengal gram, beaten black gram, beaten green gram, pigeon pea, wheat, roasted beaten gram all in a vessel with water a day early at night. The next day boil all the beaten grams in a vessel and press to became soft and put in a mixie and grind little. Cut curry leaf, coriander leaf, spearmint leaf into small pieces. Cut onion into the shape of pie. Then put a vessel over the oven and pour some oil and heat it. Then duly add pieces of onion, pieces of mutton along with curry leaf, coriander leaf, spearmint leaf, powder of coriander, pepper, turmeric into the vessel and boil. Then add all kinds of beaten grams duly boiled with salt into the vessel and mix well with a ladle. Soak the onions cut in the shape of round coin in butter, squeeze lemon juice. Serve ‘Mutton Harina’ with meal.


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