TZAZIKI -Greek Recipe



* 500 grams (1/2 quart) of Greek yoghurt (or natural full, dairy yoghurt)
* Three garlic cloves
* 1/2 cup of olive oil
* 1/2 sliced cucumber


Put the yoghurt in a bowl. Put the garlic through a garlic press and using the edge of a knife, spread the garlic coming our of the press on the yoghurt. Take the cucumber and peal the skin. Slice it thinly, either with a knife or using a salad slicer. Mix the ingredients with a mixer (or a fork) and slowly add the oil. The oil will be absorbed, and when it is done, the tzazki is ready. Serve with a spoon and a few olives spread on the top. Tzaziki is eaten with plenty of french bread.


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